Around the Country in 40 Days

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On June 20, we embark on a 40 day trip around the country. We won’t hit every state, but we will go through 21 states in almost 6000 miles. My daughter has already been to most of these states, but my son has been to only a few. But in both cases, we’ll have plenty of new spots to write on their U.S. puzzle maps when we get home.

Since taking six weeks off at once is only something you can do in certain European countries (and often not even there), my husband, Ed, will only be joining us for the first and last weeks of the trip. The rest of the time will just be me and my kids: my daughter, age 10, and my son, age 7. I can do what I do from anywhere, fortunately.

We will visit quite a few GeekDads (and GeekMoms) along the way, in addition to plenty of my other friends and family. We will spend time surrounded by natural beauty and stop at historical sites. We will enter government buildings and go to a wedding. We will see museums, study architecture, and play many, many board games.

I’ll be updating this blog every day (hopefully) on the trip. Please join us!


About Jenny Bristol

Jenny Bristol is a lifelong geek who spends her time learning, writing, homeschooling her two wickedly smart kids, playing board games, and mastering the art of traveling on a shoestring.
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