Day 2: Games, Conversation, and Chinese Spaghetti

Jonathan Liu's bird window. My favorite of his window series so far. Photo: Jenny Williams

After too short of a sleep last night, I got up and got ready for the day, and sat talking with the awesomely talented Jonathan Liu, of GeekDad and Etch-a-Sketch fame.

Mr. Chestnut's Table Gype. It was exactly as I had thought it would be. Fun! Photo: Jenny Williams

While I haven’t tried to keep up with ALL of my Twitter people, I have tried to keep up with some, plus Facebook, plus all of my emails. It took me a couple of hours last night to deal with it all, and to do a bit of work, so I got much less sleep than I had planned. Tonight will be no different, but only because we played just one more game instead of going to bed early. (I did keep up with emails, Twitter, and Facebook throughout the day, since wi-fi was available.)

We need to leave at about 7am tomorrow to make it to our next stop in Iowa (at a hotel this time) at a decent hour for bed. At least there is no one waiting for us, other than the hotel reception desk person.

Cornerstone. Jenga meets Carcassonne. Photo: Jenny Williams

Anyway, we also played a bunch of games today including two I need to review for GeekDad or GeekMom, and plenty that Jonathan has. My kids ran around the house with his kids, we had a nice dinner after his wife got home from work, and then more games in the evening.

The dinner was a fantastic thing Jonathan calls Chinese Spaghetti. It has Chinese noodles with meat, scallions, tomatoes, a bit of soy sauce, salt, oil. That seems to be it, but it is just amazing. My daughter really liked it, too, and we all had seconds. Though my son didn’t care for it, but he is quite picky. I think this will have to be a new staple at home.

As much fun as I had today, I’ve already got a bit of buyer’s remorse. Why does such a large part of me wish I was at home still?

Games played: Half a dozen or so.

Drove: None

State: Kansas

Weather: Fantastic, though we didn’t go out in it much.

Kids: Loud and rambunctious. Fortunately, mine weren’t the only ones.

Best Parts of the Day: Fun new games, good friends, Chinese spaghetti, brownies.

Worst Parts of the Day: My son being troublesome, and knowing we won’t see these people for at least another year.

Song Going Through My Head: Pictures of Pandas Painting (TMBG)

Total GeekDads Visited: 1


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