Day 4: On the Road Again

A mural at our quirky hotel in Iowa.

(This post is up a bit late because by the time I was ready to write it last night, I was already nodding off.)

Another part of the mural at the Iowa hotel.

The day started with an opinionated debate about how zombies get into your skull to eat your brains. This was prompted by a question from my 10 year old daughter, who was truly curious as to how they got into the skull. We debated whether tools were used, perhaps an axe, but it was decided that they only had axes if they were protruding from their skulls.

It’s weird to have a blanket of clouds over your head. It is a little claustrophobic. I’m just waiting for the Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in.

One observation – Along with speed limits decreasing as you go east, there are also a lot more toll roads. I’m not actually sure of ANY toll roads in Arizona. I had to drive on two in Illinois.

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...

We met up with and had lunch with GeekDad Matt Forbeck and his five children. He has a lovely house in a lovely neighborhood. And he mows his lawn with a robot. We had a really nice couple of hours eating brats and grapes, and letting the kids run amok in the backyard. They have a thick lawn and a great tire swing, so it was perfect. And his kids (at least the quadruplets) ran around with my kids, yelling, being silly, being kids. A good time was had by all.

The yard even has a mulberry bush. I wanted to go around the mulberry bush, but the other side was hard to get around. Ah well.

As we don’t have poison ivy in Arizona (at least not that I know of), now that we’re in Wisconsin my daughter wanted to see what it looked like. Sure enough, there was some in the yard here, so now she knows what to look for.

Drove: 260 miles

States: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin

Weather: Cool and humid. Much better than the hot and humid I had expected.

Kids: They were great when they needed to be well-behaved, and playful when they had the opportunity. Not being a stickler for routine all of their growing up years has benefited us all when it comes to disrupting said nonexistent routine.

Best Parts of the Day: Meeting Matt Forbeck and his kids, excellent fresh vegetables and a great Boston-creme-pie-like dessert at a dinner where we met the bride’s family (we’re in Wisconsin for my half brother’s wedding).

Worst Parts of the Day: Paying tolls, and driving.

Songs Going Through My Head: Oklahoma!, Blackbird (The Beatles)

Total GeekDads Visited: 2


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    I love the murals that are in so many of the midwestern towns!!

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