Day 5: Cheese, Gromit!

Cheese curds!

A planned breakfast turned into brunch today; we went to a very tasty breakfast restaurant. I had pulled ham hashbrowns with a side of some of the best bacon ever, plus a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Yum.

Beer cheese. Wanted to buy some, but didn't.

Then we went out on a cheese quest. Ed wanted cheese curds. I wanted chocolate cheese. We found the cheese curds easily at a local, high quality grocery store (Sendik’s! They had those when I lived here, too.). We also saw such a thing as Land o’ Lakes ice cream. I thought they just made butter. Apparently not. Ed’s quote of the day: “It’s not ice cream, it’s ice butter.” The guy at the store said it flies off the shelves. Too bad we couldn’t get some.

Land o' Lakes makes ice cream. Who knew?

But we had to go to a heavenly, amazing, Mecca-ish place called Brennan’s to get the chocolate cheese. Our visit there made it so that I  can never go back to normal life, ever again. The cheese. Oh my god, the cheese. So many varieties and variations on the varieties. There was no brie here. It was all Wisconsin cheese. The cheese, Gromit! Though they didn’t have Wensleydale, they had cheddar, gouda, edam, Monterrey Jack, colby, brick, farmer’s, and more. Plus variations such as beer and wine cheeses, cheese with fruit, herbed cheese, smoked cheeses. They even had smoked string cheese. All natural, all local. All insanely tasty. I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on cheese. It is a good thing we didn’t shop while hungry. We actually shopped while quite full, so managed to get out of there for only $38.

Hanging bits of meat.

I picked up the chocolate cheese (well, it’s called chocolate cheese fudge, but I THINK it is the right thing), but was also drawn in by the romano and a Holland herbed gouda. I also got an Herbes de Provence-encrusted hard salami.

Once Ed flies back home, the kids and I are going to have a fantastic eating week (he got himself a morel and leek Monterrey Jack, so he’s happy).

A neat license plate I saw today. Took this one for John A.

Brennan’s was also filled with samples. Everywhere you look. Fruit, cheese, spreads, drinks, mustard… You could easily eat a whole meal here with their generous and delicious samples. They also had two, count them, TWO varieties of potato chips for sale that did not have sunflower oil. As someone who is allergic to sunflower oil, and knowing of only one brand that uses an oil other than sunflower (Cape Cod Potato chips use canola oil), finding two, one that uses olive oil and one that uses avocado oil, was thrilling. I’ve read the ingredients of dozens of potato chip varieties in the past few years, and hadn’t found a single one other than Cape Cod that I could eat. And then Costco stopped carrying it. I don’t have to have potato chips, of course, but it’s nice once in a while. So I bought a bag of the olive oil kind just for me.

Our parting gift from the rehearsal dinner.

And I renewed my dislike for cheese curds. I hadn’t tried them since I lived here as a kid (pre-1981). I didn’t like them then, but I thought I’d give them another chance. Eew. I like the flavor, but the texture is odd, and they are the eating equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. They are supposed to squeak when you eat them, but that makes for a very unpleasant eating sensation. I know that it’s just me, though, because everyone else I know likes cheese curds.

Later, we skipped the rehearsal, since we desperately needed some down time. But we went to the rehearsal dinner and had a big ol’ meal o’ meat. The options included lots of fried fish and ribs. I had the ribs (which, fortunately, also came with a salad and baked potato). I also got some gourmet root beer, and we all topped off the meal with Gilles frozen custard, both vanilla and chocolate. As big of a chocolate fan as I am, the vanilla was actually better. It was really smooth. Would eat again. A+++!!!1!1!!one

Drove: Around town.

States: Wisconsin

Weather: Cool and humid still!

Kids: Fabulous. I really like my kids. And my 7 year old son impressed the heck out of my ex-stepmother by talking about Julius and Augustus Caesar, intelligently to boot.

Best Parts of the Day: The cheese. Enough said. The frozen custard is a close second.

Worst Parts of the Day: Never being hungry. It’s hard to fully enjoy the tasty food when you aren’t hungry.

Songs Going Through My Head: None today!

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  1. Wilhelmena Haynes says:

    I was going to tell you about chocolate cheese but I see you already know about it. The only place we found it was in a small town near Baraboo Wisconsin. If you are going to be near there any longer I can probably look it up. I still dream of it!!

    I must have never found the “real” cheese curds. The ones I have found (which are from WI) do not squeak!!

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