Day 6: It’s Polka Time!

A sculpture at the church.

Today was action packed and fun filled. Despite that, it started off with a leisurely morning where I got some work done, the kids relaxed, and I did a couple of loads of laundry. The kids and I only brought about ten days of clothes on this trip, so we’ll have to do laundry a few times along the way. We ate a brunch of leftover food from the bounty of previous meals here in town. We also ate some pluots that we picked up yesterday, one of about five or six varieties we found at Sendik’s. These were more like apricots than plums. Ed and the kids also polished off the cheese curds.

Then at 2pm, we went to my half brother’s wedding. It was short and sweet, just the perfect length. It was a balance of efficiency and importance. Being sort-of immediate family, we stuck around for pictures. They took the many different family groupings lickety split. I was impressed. My half brother’s family is such a blended family with plenty of half and step siblings. So it gets interesting. But everyone moved into position quickly. I think it helped that there weren’t any very small children to corral.

After pictures we headed straight to the reception location. After standing around for a while, I only then found out that the reception didn’t start until 5pm. So we went to my sister’s hotel room and watched the last half of the fourth Shrek movie. I have no idea what happened during the first half.

Then down to the reception. They went all out (or their parents did). There were tasty appetizers awaiting us, along with drinks. Then in the room, we sat at assigned tables. Toasts were made, bread and salads came. Then the main meal. Then the bars. My table, complete with four kids, four adults, and my just-barely-an-adult half sister, negotiated over the bars. There were many flavors, but everyone wanted the chocolate ones. It was tricky.

Then one more toast by the awesome and fantastic uncle Donny (uncle of the groom). (Hi, Donny! I know you’re reading this!) This was a carefully planned toast. At the very end of it, he announced the arrival of part of the marching band from the newly married couple’s alma mater, University of Wisconsin, Madison. In they came, playing marching band tunes from the ball games. Since at least half of the guests were friends of theirs from college, everyone got into it. It was a huge surprise to the couple, and was obviously incredibly special to them. It was a really neat thing to witness.

We stayed at the reception for 6 1/2 hours, and there was still plenty of party left when we departed (though it was mostly the friends from college at that point). Other very memorable parts of the reception included getting to dance the polka! I hadn’t done that in 30 years. We went out polka dancing once right before I moved away from Wisconsin in 1981. I apparently learned it well, though, since 30 years was nothing to my mad polka skillz, and I picked it right back up. After one long and exhausting song, I was completely satisfied.

The kids were a hoot, too. My son made friends with everyone, even people that we didn’t and still don’t know. He gave everyone hugs, and put his arm around the ladies. He makes friends easily, it seems. Then my niece danced up a storm on the dance floor with her hard soled shoes, tappity tapping away. She danced right in front of the DJ and he made a big deal about her being a star. She beamed.

The last highlight of the evening was when another half sister of the groom did a mini Irish dance lesson for us all, and then performed a bit. I wish we’d had time for a more thorough lesson, because I only remember about half of what she taught us. I hope to corner her tomorrow and make a video of the dance steps. Then we can practice.

Quote of the Day: By my daughter, playing pencil/paper Battleship with my son: “It’s hard to find ships; it’s easy to finish them off.” (Pencil and paper games are great for road trips. At least the part that isn’t in the car.)

Fact of the Day: Well water is COLD.

Drove: Around town.

States: Wisconsin

Weather: Warmer, sunnier, and humid.

Kids: Pretty darned good. They both were a bit bored by the length of the wedding reception, but I still think they had a good time.

Best Parts of the Day: The marching band! The polka. Seeing my aunt and uncle from Connecticut.

Worst Parts of the Day: The boy complaining.

Songs Going Through My Head: None today!

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