Day 11: Firefly

Woodvale Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. My great grandparents are buried here. Somewhere. Photo: Jenny Williams

Note: To John B.’s friend Adam, and to everyone else, sorry this took to long to post. I was without wifi for two days! Hidden in the woods of Dellroy! Oh, the humanity!

I tried to sleep in. I really did. We didn’t have to leave our hotel until 10am local time this morning, but at 6am, I was awake. Or at least my brain was; my body was still practically comatose. But my brain came up with ideas that I needed to write down. So I kept having to do so. So, the long drive today was a huge challenge for me, staying awake. But somehow, I made it through safely.

Another view of the section in which my great grandparents are buried. Photo: Jenny Williams

First stop, many hours into the drive, was a cemetery in Cleveland where my great grandparents are buried (my mother’s father’s parents). I found the cemetery without difficulty, but unfortunately the office had just closed, that exact minute. I knew the section of the cemetery where they were buried, so the kids and I went searching. I even had photos of the gravestones so we knew what to look for. But after almost 45 minutes of looking, we had to give up. It wasn’t that big of a section, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. So I took general photos of the section, and ended up having to leave it at that.

All that exercise did me good, though, for keeping awake, and we headed next to GeekDad John Booth’s house. John stayed with us (well, my mom) last summer when he drove across the country to San Diego. It was so fantastic to meet him then, but our time together was very short. We’ve already spent more time with him today than we got to spend last summer. And we have a whole other day! I’m excited. If anyone ever has a chance to visit John Booth, jump at the chance. He’s fantastic company.

Anyway, we aren’t staying at John’s house. We’re staying, appropriately enough, at his mom’s house. And yes, this is where you will want to wait out the zombie apocolypse. I’ll have to make my way here from Arizona if that ever happens. It’s a fantastic location. Beauty, remoteness, self-sufficiency, space.

The kids finally had a certain new experience that Ed has been talking up for years: fireflies. There were tons of them outside, flying around. We hung out outside watching them, catching them, and generally being around them. I hadn’t seen any in at least a decade or two either, so it was fun for me as well. My daughter especially enjoyed them. Wish I had pictures, but it was really dark after all.

Later, probably about 10pm, we pulled out Rock Band 3 and played a bunch of songs. John and his wife had downloaded a few extra songs, so I got to try out things like Total Eclipse of the Heart and several nice R.E.M. songs that I hadn’t ever played before. After 1am, we finally said our good nights. Tomorrow, more games! More fun! Oh boy!

Drove: About 350 miles? I keep forgetting to check the final odometer reading.

States: Indiana, Ohio.

Weather: Somewhat humid, but still oddly comfortable. And I’m not sure how I haven’t yet gotten any mosquito bites. I’m usually a magnet for these creatures.

Kids: My son’s mood broke a bit today. He’s been patient and well behaved for so long that it was probably time. So he had a small breakdown, a good cry, and then all was well again.

Best Parts of the Day: Talking with John Booth! An activity that I highly recommend. He and I never seem to run out of things to talk about.

Worst Parts of the Day: More tolls. Mostly, though, the long drive after too little sleep. I just couldn’t sleep in this morning.

What I Learned Today: This isn’t new, but I was reminded yet again of how wonderful and generous all my friends and family are. I know I’m lucky.

Total GeekDads Visited: 5.


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Jenny Bristol is a lifelong geek who spends her time learning, writing, homeschooling her two wickedly smart kids, playing board games, and mastering the art of traveling on a shoestring.
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  2. AB says:

    No apologies necessary. Been really enjoying your journey across the country. That you got to stop at Pam’s and appreciate the lodge resort life (not to mention those amazing breakfasts!) is awesome. We’ve been friends so long I’ve lost track of the years, but you’re right… John is fantastic company.

    Your lightening bug encounter reminded me of something similar my wife and kiddo and I experienced last year…

    Thanks again for sharing this trip with us all! Safe travels.

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