Day 12: Off the Grid

Fish and lilypads at John B.'s mom's house. Photo: Jenny Williams

I have been unexpectedly without wifi at John Booth’s mom’s house. It has been some forced disconnected time. It is a nice change, for sure, and it’s good to be stuck with such good company during such a time. I just hadn’t prepared for it. I also have no cell phone signal here. Fortunately John does, so I could get word to the outside world that I was still alive. I just forgot to call my mom and tell her. Sorry, Mom!

One of many flowers at the house. Photo: Jenny Williams

I woke up this day after having a dream about hiking with Phil Plait, his wife, and various other people. We were in northern Arizona, and came up over a rise and saw a gorgeous sunrise, complete with occasional fog (which proves it was a dream – fog in Arizona?). It was amazing.

The real-life morning continued with chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and orange juice. Then some Ninja versus Ninja, shuffleboard (where the guys beat the girls both times), two loads of laundry, Wii Pictionary, lunch/dinner of burgers and hot dogs, City Square Off, Pirate versus Pirate, Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype, plenty of chocolate chip cookies, and a visit to the cute little town center of Dellroy, Ohio, for some ice cream.

The view from the house. I'd love to see this place in the autumn. Photo: Jenny Williams

Then, of course some more Rock Band. Beatles Rock Band this time. But John and I agree that the Magnum, P.I., theme song needs to be on Rock Band. It is a moral imperative.

And right before bed, I got my first mosquito bite of the trip. Inside. Through my sock.

I’m looking forward to catching up with my email tomorrow night, but it’s been exceptionally restful to be out of touch. We’ve been having such a good time, though, that I wish I could take John B. home with me. I hope I don’t have to wait for the zombie apocalypse to spend more time with him!

Drove: Into Dellroy and back.

States: Ohio.

Weather: Warmer and humid-ish, especially later in the day. Stayed inside mostly.

Kids: The boy was pretty demanding about wanting more cookies. So I cut him off. But the girl was fantastic.

Best Parts of the Day: Conversation with John Booth. Yes, it’s that good.

Worst Parts of the Day: My first mosquito bite! The boy complaining.

What I Learned Today: That I can really enjoy being out of communication with the outside world.

Song That Went Through My Head: The Tetris song. This is a good thing.

Total GeekDads Visited: 5.


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Jenny Bristol is a lifelong geek who spends her time learning, writing, homeschooling her two wickedly smart kids, playing board games, and mastering the art of traveling on a shoestring.
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  2. jrbooth says:

    We were so glad you got the chance to visit! Thanks for coming through and being terrific friends and saying such nice things – can’t wait to see you all again!

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