Day 33: Flat Tire

It was inevitable. I woke up to a flat tire on the rental car. At least this was a definitive statement that I had to do something about it. And the timing was good, if you can call spending half a day of a big trip taking care of a tire problem “good”. But at least it didn’t ruin plans.

I had hoped that calling Hertz would result in them coming by and replacing the tire with a new one. Or bringing another car to swap ours out with. But no. I would have had to pay $66 for them to come out and put on the spare, then drive the thing to the nearest airport (fortunately, only 25 minutes away) and swap out the car. I wasn’t about to pay that for something that wasn’t my fault (see below). And I didn’t want to change the tire myself in hot and muggy weather, especially since I had parked in the direct sun. So I called AAA. A very nice guy came by and put on the spare tire for free, of course. He looked at the very flat tire and found two nails, as well as a previous repair that may have also contributed to the problem. Since we’ve had this leaky tire problem from day one, I know that none of this was my fault.

It’s been years since I’ve used AAA for anything but maps, and this was the first time for a tire issue. So I was glad when it was a pretty quick fix. Changing a tire is straight forward, if you’ve got the right tools. I then drove out to the airport and swapped the car for one that seems to be about the same size, and the cruise control works (it didn’t work in the old one). I just hope that everything fits in the trunk!

For making it through this debacle, I rewarded myself and the kids with some mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Perfect for this weather. They were mighty tasty.

After the car situation got resolved, we only had a couple of hours before Natania and Michael got home, so I got some laundry done, and did a little bit of writing, but nowhere near the two complete writing tasks that I had intended.

We then ate an incredibly delicious dinner of pulled pork and salad with homemade dressing, along with some mead, and ice cream sundaes. But it wouldn’t have been a visit to geeky friends without The Playing of the Games. We played a fun, non-lengthy, strategy-type game called Portobello Market. I liked it. We also played Fluxx, since Natania had never played before, and that was a huge oversight that needed remedying. It ended up being one of those incredibly lengthy games, so we abandoned it before the end. But it was a fantastic evening that helped to make up for about 36 hours of incredible difficulty. Thanks, Natania and Michael!

And, no photos today again. Maybe there will be some tomorrow!

Drove: Around town.

State: North Carolina.

Weather: Very hot and muggy.

Kids: Patient and playful.

Best Parts of the Day: The ice cream sandwiches, and Natania’s pulled pork and salad. And games!

Worst Part of the Day: Dealing with the tire and swapping out the car.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 11.


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Jenny Bristol is a lifelong geek who spends her time learning, writing, homeschooling her two wickedly smart kids, playing board games, and mastering the art of traveling on a shoestring.
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  1. luisdelarosa says:

    Sorry to hear about the flat – that’s never good. I had a tire actually blow out on me once while driving a rental car at high speed, but fortunately I didn’t lose control. I just saw a big cloud of smoke and then pulled over. The rental company drove out a new car for us.
    Glad to hear that you got a better car, even though the trunk is “cozy” 🙂 – hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly!

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