Day 34: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The awesome floor in one of the rooms of the awesome house that belongs to our awesome friends. Photo: Jenny Williams

The morning soundtrack that accompanied my over-an-hour session of packing the new rental car was They Might Be Giants. Plenty of old mixed with some new that I hadn’t yet heard entered my ears each time I came back in the house for another trip. But on a stomach of Natania’s Swedish pancakes and chocolate milk, I pushed ahead in the steam bath weather and got the car all packed up. Yes, Tetris skills came in handy. Somehow, though this is supposed to be a slightly larger car, the trunk is smaller. I should have asked how much more it would have cost to upgrade for the last week of my rental.

After the lovely pancakes, while I was packing the car, the kids played, and played. The boy taught Michael some of his favorite iPad apps, and the girl played with their boy, doing puzzles and other things. They had a great time, and we were very sorry to leave. I wish we’d had an extra day or week with them, since they are so great. And we only got to play two games! But it was great to see them, and to finally get our kids together. They got on famously, as I suspected they would.

This visit was especially satisfying, though, because I almost never get along with women, and even more rarely do I actually connect and click with them. Natania is on a very short list of women like that for me.

We then had a pretty uneventful drive from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia. It was a full six hours, but the new car did pretty well. It has a surprisingly large gas tank. Either that, or it gets a lot of miles to the gallon. I drove 400 miles and we still have a quarter tank of gas left. (?) It has more power, and actual functioning cruise control, and the brakes feel like they would actually stop the car in an emergency, instead of just make a half-hearted attempt. The trunk is cozy, but I think it’s an overall improvement.

Today Ed joined us again, with our good friend Scott picking him up from the airport. It was good that I didn’t need to do it, because I wasn’t sure exactly what time we’d arrive. Once we all met up again, we had plenty of great conversation with Scott and his family, and a tasty citrus stir fry, kale, and watermelon dinner. And despite the late hour as I write this (11pm, Eastern), Ed, Scott, and the girl are out procuring ice cream for tonight’s dessert. And another very good friend George is coming over for breakfast at 8am, so little sleep will be had tonight.

Drove: 400 miles.

States: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.

Weather: Very hot and muggy.

Kids: Fun and awesome.

Best Parts of the Day: Getting to see some of our awesome friends.

Worst Part of the Day: Leaving other awesome friends behind.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 11.


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