Day 35: Friends, Well Met

(This post is for July 24, 2011.)

It’s funny how you can not go anywhere but still have a fantastic day. Usually the most fantastic days are spent this way. Our day started with Ed’s best friend George coming over for breakfast, and all of us eating sweet potato pancakes, bacon, and fruit. Scott and George both tell hilarious stories very well, so the morning was easily wiled away with conversation and laughter. George’s mom supplies plenty of humorous anecdotes for him to share, including the time she went to a restaurant and ordered octopus, since he likes it, and then shipped it to him, in only a box with packing peanuts. It arrived five days later. The best story, though, is when his mom shipped six jam jars full of jam along with $1000 in cash, wrapped in foil, wedged between the jars. From Cyprus. All that was needed to complete the image was a nice ticking watch, but that wasn’t necessary to make the delivery people suspicious. When the post office called him to pick up his package, all that was left was shards and goo.

A late breakfast meant a late lunch in the middle of the afternoon. We had a simple yet delicious meal of grilled cheese with turkey along with apple slices, with a chocolate peanut butter thing for dessert. Then more conversation.

And Song Burst 70s/80s edition. I just barely beat out Scott. It was interesting to hear which songs he knew and I hadn’t even heard of, and vice versa.

Dinner was Indian lamb hand pies that were awesome (we are being so spoiled). They had the biggest raisins I’d ever seen. We also tried them with some of the fig jam that we had with our pancakes, and that was lovely, too. As a repeat from last night, we had a veggie side of sauteed kale with garlic, salt, and parmesan. I’m not a greens type of gal, but wow, those are good. I need to put those into my repertoire. We also had lychees, carrot/apple/red bell pepper juice, and ice cream.

And then we played a game of Trivial Pursuit Genus II. The girl, Scott, and I played. The girl did very well (answering things she learned in homeschool, which was very satisfying to me), and was in the lead most of the time, until she got tired. Scott and I finished up, and I just barely beat him. This was a real accomplishment since Scott has, in the past, been famous for being incredibly hard to beat at Trivial Pursuit. He still is.

Our friends were nice enough to play some games with the boy, too, who loves games and wants nothing else but to play them all day long. Fortunately, they games they played are just as challenging for adults as they are for kids (i.e., City Square Off, Entanglement).

No photos today, sorry. Tomorrow I hope to go around the awesome house we’re staying in and take photos of some interesting features. One interesting thing about the house is that every time you change rooms, you have to lift your feet. This is for two reasons. One is because most of the doorways have small thresholds sticking up. The other is because each room is at a different elevation. Old houses are nothing if not interesting.

Drove: None.

State: Georgia.

Weather: Hot and muggy I assume. I didn’t leave the house!

Kids: They were pretty well-behaved and they played nicely with our friends’ son.

Best Parts of the Day: The food! And Trivial Pursuit with one of my very favorite Trivial Pursuit opponents.

Worst Part of the Day: The occasional complaining from the boy.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 11.


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