Day 36: Food, Glorious Food

The Varsity. Mmm onion rings. Photo: Jenny Williams

Today was a tour of food in Atlanta. Well, a tour of food memories. After a lazy morning, we headed to The Varsity for Round One of our grazing. For those not familiar, The Varsity serves tasty but greasy food in downtown Atlanta. I’ve only had their onion rings and the Frosted Orange, which is what we ordered today. The onion rings are delicious, but they sit in a pool of grease. The Frosted Orange is a bit like an Orange Julius. It’s like an orange/vanilla slushie. Yums were heard all around.

Krispy Kreme. Mmm donuts. Photo: Jenny Williams

Round Two was an impromptu stop at Krispy Kreme, since their Hot Donut sign was lit. I don’t think the kids had ever had a hot donut from there, so it was another page in their education. At this point in our outing, I realized that we should have had a plucky 80s soundtrack playing to accompany our adventures, like it was a buddy movie or something.

Round Three of grazing our way across Atlanta was at one of my favorite places to shop in the whole world. Other than our friends, it is the only thing I miss from when we lived in Atlanta. The Dekalb Farmer’s Market. It’s not really a farmer’s market in the way that most people think of one. It is indoors, and is like a world market grocery store. Almost half the store is produce, with plenty of groceries, meats, cheese, live fish tanks, a place to get fresh, tasty, and cheap pastries, and plenty of bread products. There are things to buy from all over the world, and everyone who works there seems to speak several languages.

The Flame from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, when we lived here, but photographed today. Photo: Jenny Williams

We took our time going through the store systematically, rounding up some supplies for trip food and for eating for tomorrow, along with a handful of items for after we get home. We even got a few more exotic items to try (or re-try as the case may be) such as yellow kiwi (which is much better than the green kind, which we learned during our trip to New Zealand in 2000), sugar cane, dragonfruit, and guava. I would have taken pictures inside the store to share with you the bounty that is the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, but they explicitly don’t allow photography. We never did figure out why that is the case, but that rule hasn’t changed in the seven years since we were last here. It’s a great store to go to for cheap spices, quality food, unusual produce, and a wide variety of other groceries.

Later on, I spent some time wandering around our friends’ house, taking a few photos of interesting features. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it shows. Lots of odd features, large rooms, high ceilings, and the smallest staircase ever that goes to a useless attic. There are tree trunks in their basement as weight-bearing posts. You have to lift your foot when changing rooms because of the extremely uneven floors.

The toilet. No, the novelty of pulling the chain has not yet worn off. Photo: Jenny Williams

The day was punctuated by a violent thunderstorm. I was glad the power didn’t go out for more than a second, though, since I had too much work to do! But it did seem to shut down the Atlanta airport for quite some time, which I heard about on Twitter and Facebook.

We capped off the day (and into the next one) with another round of Trivial Pursuit, Genus II. My feat of winning both of the games that Scott and I played last night did not spill over to today. I got creamed. He earned it, though.

My daughter did well, too, again answering questions right that she learned in homeschool. She also got one answer correct that she learned by watching Super Friends! Who said that popular culture never taught anyone anything?

Now off to bed. Tomorrow is the last day before we start the big push home!

Drove: Around town.

State: Georgia.

Weather: Less hot but still somewhat humid. But a huge thunderstorm in the evening.

Kids: Still pretty well-behaved.

Best Parts of the Day: All the delicious food.

Worst Part of the Day: Not being able to buy more food because of space issues, and the fact that we’re nowhere near home to stock up our pantry.

Funny of the Day: My boy didn’t like the smell of the kitchen for a bit, so I told him to turn his body the other way. He said, “I’ll still smell it. Remember, Mom? Molecules go very far.”

Songs Going Through My Head: Everything from our SongBurst game yesterday.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 11.


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3 Responses to Day 36: Food, Glorious Food

  1. I’d have thought the best part of the day was having someone else to drive you around all day. 😉

  2. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the tips about eating in Atlanta! We’re going in two weeks for a short baseball vacation and the Varsity is at the top of our list.

    I should have extended you an invitation to drop just a little further south to the Pensacola area for a stop. Could have added another GeekMom to the list!

    • Jenny says:

      I would have loved to have met you! But the trip was awfully long as it was. We’ll definitely have to meet up another time.

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