Day 38: Mosquitoes Can Die in a Fire

A cloud shadow over Texas. Photo: Jenny Williams

I thought I was being smart, packing the car this morning instead of last night, to avoid the mosquitoes that come out at dusk. But apparently they party all night and are still at it in the morning, or perhaps they were just at it again. But within just a few minutes of being outside loading the car, I had six new bites, and I killed two mosquitoes on my legs who were trying to get more. I put on some Off! (complete with DEET), and that seemed to help. I don’t think I got any more bites after that. Long live DEET! Oddly enough, the bugs have only bitten my lower legs and left the rest of my body alone. That makes it easy to try to ignore just one part of my body during the time that the itching is maddening.

The corn in the Corn or Not-Corn game today looked pretty dead. Ed said that means it is ready to harvest. It’s been fun watching the corn progress over the past many weeks.

We observed that Mississippi’s interstates are poorly done with lots of humps and dips. Someone didn’t do their job properly.

We made great time driving today, but had a longer-than-planned stop in Ruston, Louisiana, to buy some bread at a Wal-Mart, the only food-selling place we could find. (I hate Wal-Mart and only shop there when desperate.) We pulled off the interstate to get the bread, but it took us at least 15 minutes to figure out how to actually get to the Wal-Mart. There were one-way frontage roads and poorly designed parking lots. We finally got the bread and then made sandwiches quickly and got back on the road. We then enjoyed our sandwiches of whole wheat bread, Boar’s Head turkey and pastrami, and havarti with dill.

In the end, it took us about 13 hours including stops to drive from Atlanta to just outside of Dallas, where we’re staying with GeekDad Anton Olsen and his delightful family. We’d seen Anton a number of times at Maker Faire, and his daughter as well, but we hadn’t ever met his wife and son. It’s great to have the complete family picture, and they are all wonderful to talk to and spend time with. And they plied us with ice cream, which never hurts. That brings my visits to GeekDads/GeekMoms on this trip up to a final tally of 12.

Drove: About 780 miles.

States: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. This was our first and only five-state day.

Weather: Hot and humid when we started, hot and relatively dry when we got to our destination.

Kids: The boy was incredibly bored, and the girl was getting there as well.

Best Parts of the Day: Ice cream and conversation with friends.

Worst Part of the Day: The aforementioned mosquitoes who can die in a fire.

Quote of the Day, From Ed: “Apparently Texas is all churches and donut shops.”

One of Life’s Joys That I Experienced (Again) Today: Hearing my little boy sing songs, loudly, while listening to an iPod. We heard The Beatles, ABBA, and more.

A Proud Geek Parenting Moment: The kids were arguing about absolute zero today. I don’t think I even heard about the concept until high school.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 12.

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