Day 39: “Donuts You Can Trust”

Day two of our driving push home was supposed to start with a bit of sleeping in. My body forgot that part. Despite going to bed much later than planned since we were talking to Anton and family, my body still woke up at 7am. So I was pretty useless for driving today; Ed had to do most of it. After we got ready, though, we joined Anton at work and he gave us a tour. Anton works at Innovation First, the place that makes Hexbugs, does the VEX Robotics stuff, and makes RackSolutions racks. The tour was fantastic. We got to see parts of each of the three branches of the company. We met people, saw machines at work, and saw many areas that are involved with the development of it all. Thanks for the tour, Anton! All four of us thought it was really interesting and fun.

We then started driving toward Amarillo, Texas, our destination for the night. We started a bit later than intended (see above), so we didn’t get here until almost 7pm. We checked into the hotel, and caught up on email and such. Ed went out and ate at Popeye’s Chicken (the rest of us were happy to pass), then took the kids to the pool for a bit, but I stayed in and got ready for bed. I need actual sleep tonight.

Home tomorrow night! Can’t wait.

Drove: About 400 miles.

State: Texas.

Weather: Hot and a bit more humid when we started, hot and more dry when we ended. I look forward to being home tomorrow in the cooler and even more dry air.

Kids: They have no trouble entertaining themselves when they can see each other, play, and be silly together, but we have a wall of so much stuff between them that they were having trouble.

Best Parts of the Day: A tour of the robot factory!

Worst Part of the Day: Driving.

Quote of the Day, From Me: “But not just any donuts. Donuts you can trust.” Here is the context: I said this after we had been thwarted by getting donuts at some local fly-by-night places that looked… questionable. I’d been craving donuts specifically for a day or so, and Ed’s spoken desire to have some for breakfast just made it stronger. I said I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had donuts. Now, insert the above quote. We did finally find some at the dreaded Walmart, but not the triangle ones I was looking for. Ah well.

Total GeekDads and GeekMoms Visited: 12.


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