Day 40: Home, Geeky Home

Everything is bigger in Texas. Except the waffles. Photo: Jenny Williams

(Though we didn’t get home late last night by local time standards, my body is still accustomed to east coast hours, so this entry is getting delivered the next morning.)

We are used to long driving days, since my usual gauge for one day’s drive is from our house to the Boulder, Colorado, area, where we have much family and friends. That’s a long way, and usually takes us 15-ish hours. I prefer not to pack so many miles in, but I see that as a limit for what we can possibly do in a day. My memory of how far we had to drive this day was 13 hours so I anticipated a late arrival. It was almost entirely on I-40, except the last 100 miles (for which we didn’t need directions), so I didn’t look at my TripTik .pdf file at all. Until I started doing the math about halfway through the day and was coming up with a much earlier arrival time than expected. I finally looked at the file, and sure enough, it said a bit over 10 hours. It took us longer than that due to some longer-than-planned stops, but we still made it home before 7pm local time. (For those not in the know, Arizona doesn’t do daylight saving time, so it is three hours earlier than Atlanta.) We had time to unload the car while it was still light (though it was sprinkling rain).

We had started our day that morning with the included breakfast at the hotel. It appeared at first glance to be your standard continental breakfast. Except there was no fruit, only fruit juice in dirty pitchers. And the malted waffle batter that I have seen at many hotel breakfasts lately was… substandard. In other places, it was delicious. I expected this to be the same. It was disgusting. It looked fine, though (see photo of Texas above).

So after a very nasty breakfast, we got on the road. We drove, and drove. It was 70 mph in Texas, but once we hit New Mexico, the speed limit went up to 75 mph. So we made good time. The drive was fairly uneventful, except for enjoying listening to the kids playing, singing, and discussing. They have the most interesting discussions. I love realizing that they are actually learning when we do homeschool, or even watching educational television shows. Plus their creativity knows no bounds. Today they discussed different kinds of statements, such as commands/imperative statements, and declarative statements. I reminded them about interrogative and exclamatory statements as well. They also talked seriously about superheroes, then played around. The girl said she had a geek force field around her, and that bacon protected her force field. The bacon also protected other bacon. I love my kids.

Our one fun stop of the day was for ice cream at Dairy Queen. They have a new death-by-chocolate-like Blizzard that was very good. It had chocolate ice cream, chocolate shavings, and brownie bits. Yum.

But now that I’m home, I really need to eat like a normal person again.

We drove up to the house when we arrived home, and saw a couple of neighbors. Neither one seemed excited to see us, which is odd. We live in the kind of neighborhood where community is everything. But we unloaded the car, caught up on email, and stuck a frozen pizza in the oven (we’ll need to go grocery shopping this weekend). We ate it while watching the season premiere of Eureka. It was awesome. Can’t wait to get caught up with the other episodes.

(Sorry for the distinct lack of photos these past few days. It was mostly driving, plus a cool robot tour on which we couldn’t take pictures anyway. And I just wanted to come home.)

I will be writing up a wrap-up blog entry talking about the trip in general, hopefully within the next few days. Stay tuned!

Drove: About 700 miles.

State: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona.

Weather: There was a bit of rain today, but even while it was raining, the air was generally cooler and drier. I love the west. We may not have the kind of history that excites me, or beautiful fall colors, but the weather can’t be beat.

Kids: They listened to a lot of music today, and slept more, so the ride was a bit less complainy.

Best Parts of the Day: Getting home!

Worst Part of the Day: Knowing how much work I have ahead of me now that I’m home.

Quotes of the Day:

From the girl: “I’m so hungry, I could eat Texas!” She had one of the Texas-shaped waffles as well. She managed to finish hers, so maybe mine was the only nasty one.

From the boy: “They shoot lasers out of their wool.” Said while playing an imaginative game with the girl.

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