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Afterword: Huzzah! We Made It Through all 40 Days!

I’m finding it both easy and surreal to resume my life as normal, now that we’re home. I have picked most things back up where I left off, and I have had no trouble readjusting to my manual transmission car. … Continue reading

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Day 40: Home, Geeky Home

(Though we didn’t get home late last night by local time standards, my body is still accustomed to east coast hours, so this entry is getting delivered the next morning.) We are used to long driving days, since my usual … Continue reading

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Day 39: “Donuts You Can Trust”

Day two of our driving push home was supposed to start with a bit of sleeping in. My body forgot that part. Despite going to bed much later than planned since we were talking to Anton and family, my body … Continue reading

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Day 38: Mosquitoes Can Die in a Fire

I thought I was being smart, packing the car this morning instead of last night, to avoid the mosquitoes that come out at dusk. But apparently they party all night and are still at it in the morning, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Day 34: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The morning soundtrack that accompanied my over-an-hour session of packing the new rental car was They Might Be Giants. Plenty of old mixed with some new that I hadn’t yet heard entered my ears each time I came back in … Continue reading

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Day 33: Flat Tire

It was inevitable. I woke up to a flat tire on the rental car. At least this was a definitive statement that I had to do something about it. And the timing was good, if you can call spending half … Continue reading

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Day 32: Better Than the Jamestown Settlers Had It

I griped and moaned about most of my day today, but I’m trying to keep it in perspective. Yes, I was hot and dripping with sweat for half of the day. Yes, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes, while indoors. … Continue reading

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