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Afterword: Huzzah! We Made It Through all 40 Days!

I’m finding it both easy and surreal to resume my life as normal, now that we’re home. I have picked most things back up where I left off, and I have had no trouble readjusting to my manual transmission car. … Continue reading

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Day 36: Food, Glorious Food

Today was a tour of food in Atlanta. Well, a tour of food memories. After a lazy morning, we headed to The Varsity for Round One of our grazing. For those not familiar, The Varsity serves tasty but greasy food … Continue reading

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Day 35: Friends, Well Met

(This post is for July 24, 2011.) It’s funny how you can not go anywhere but still have a fantastic day. Usually the most fantastic days are spent this way. Our day started with Ed’s best friend George coming over … Continue reading

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Day 33: Flat Tire

It was inevitable. I woke up to a flat tire on the rental car. At least this was a definitive statement that I had to do something about it. And the timing was good, if you can call spending half … Continue reading

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Day 13: Complete Cemetery Failure

Finally, back on track. I love free hotel wifi. I did manage to sleep in a bit today, so I am partially caught up on sleep. Though we weren’t in a huge hurry to get on the road today, we … Continue reading

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Day 11: Firefly

Note: To John B.’s friend Adam, and to everyone else, sorry this took to long to post. I was without wifi for two days! Hidden in the woods of Dellroy! Oh, the humanity! I tried to sleep in. I really … Continue reading

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Day 8: And Then There Were Three

(Still behind. Working on getting caught up but the internet isn’t cooperating. This one is for June 27, 2011.) We didn’t have to get up too early this day, but we did have to get mobilized in the morning. We … Continue reading

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