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Afterword: Huzzah! We Made It Through all 40 Days!

I’m finding it both easy and surreal to resume my life as normal, now that we’re home. I have picked most things back up where I left off, and I have had no trouble readjusting to my manual transmission car. … Continue reading

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Day 10: Architectural Envy

Another sleepy day, unfortunately. I was up late last night, waiting for John K. to come home from his final Lord of the Rings Director’s Cut movie viewing, and then was up earlier than I should have been to see … Continue reading

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Day 3: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, or Darn, States Are Big!

Today’s post is a bit disjointed. It’s far too late for me to weave it into a cohesive narrative, however, so here it is. =) I think when you plan a trip for so long, you feel like you’ve already … Continue reading

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Day 1: The Longest Day

Day one of our 40 day trip went quite well. We left home before 6am local time, and it was a cool 50 degrees. The day was filled with driving, but the weather continued to be good, the car drove … Continue reading

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Around the Country in 40 Days

On June 20, we embark on a 40 day trip around the country. We won’t hit every state, but we will go through 21 states in almost 6000 miles. My daughter has already been to most of these states, but … Continue reading

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